Sound Meditations

Weekly Sound Bath at Summer healing Brunswick

Thursday evenings 7:30 to 8:30

Sound bath, drum circle & tribal dance

Mount Eliza_Wed Mon Feb 6
Summer Healing Brunswick_ 7 to 11:11 on Sat Jan 21 & Sat Feb 11

An alchemical sound journey with a guided circle of intentional manifestation, where the group breathes, harmonises, drums, chants, dances and creates together taking positive action towards a greater purpose for yourself and those in your own circle.

Sound Meditation Phase

A sound journey through the ceremony of ‘natural alchemy’ is an intuitive experience of beautiful harmonics aimed at enabling one with a connection to divine spirit to trigger one’s own inner guidance, discover stillness within, a state of immersed bliss and healing vibrations.

Instruments are respectfully integrated from alternate cultures, many of which made in ceremony through an alchemical process by Brad himself. The journey offered flows through channelled messages, vocal toning, breathwork, a complete earth frequency crystal bowl set, chimes, ceremonial rattles, Tibetan singing bowls, yidaki (didgeridoo), guzheng (traditional Chinese harp), traditional ceremonial medicine drums and vegan drums. Live recording and looping is also integrated into the journey.

Oh, sacred geometry and large pyramids made from copper, silver, gold and crystals will be woven into the space for a little extra alchemy to amplify the blissful state and help it become part of your being.

Drumming Phase

The sound meditation is in-depth activation, following this we’ll ease into full consciousness and move into a circle of co-creation, with the opportunity for those who wish to contribute their own manifestation story through circle or to keep it to yourself as a personal experience. At this stage there’s an importance of your own contribution in whatever way you’re comfortable as the meditation will activate something within and following the laws of manifestation, you’ll obviously need to take personal action to enable new things to unfold. This is big energy! And we’ll do it together! Of course guided by Brad, but more importantly with increasing guidance from your own inner self.

Dance Phase

So, it’s your turn to breath, harmonise, join in with clapping sticks, rattles or drums and move or dance if you feel. Bring your own drums or instruments, or use some of Brad’s.

Or just completely let go, drop the instruments and go a little primitive with a beautiful and slightly wild tune to dance. with all that cultivated energy. So very good....

But of course, if you’re not so bold in the moment and just feel to breathe and hold space that’s perfect too.


  • The session will begin with settling in and a short group welcome and to find your place

  • We’ll lay down and settle into a beautiful sound mediation aligned with manifestation

  • Easing into full consciousness and circle space

  • Co -creation, harmonics chanting and drumming circle

  • Tribal dance

  • closing circle and final blessings

What to bring:

Please bring your conscious self

A water bottle

Warm comfy clothes, yoga mats, blankets, and a pillow for your comfort

For drumming circles. A drum or instrument, this is optional and if you want there will be some drums, a big pow wow drum, and plenty of rattles or clapping sticks provided. If you want to make your own drum check out brad’s website for vegan and traditional drum workshop dates. They sell out fast!


Brad is an intuitive alchemist, designer and loves to immerse himself and play with sound. With a belief in creating with heart, he discovers, makes stuff with spirit, plays, meditates and offers this back to others through ceremony where possible.

Academically, Brad has been studying the esoteric, sound and meditation for over 20 years. He has a master’s degree in design and advanced diploma with the sacred sciences foundation. But more importantly, a belief that the body is a temple and that to celebrate life in a wholesome, quirky and fun way is so very important.

Please bring your conscious self, a water bottle, warm comfy clothes, yoga mats, blankets, and a pillow for your comfort. There will be some matts and seating available

Mount Eliza_Wed Mon Feb 6
Summer Healing Brunswick_ 7 to 11:11 on Sat Jan 21 & Sat Feb 11


This is a simple and beautiful sound bath, with Brad bringing himself and a selection of his own instruments merged with Summer healing's on site instruments. Brad tunes in to divine spirit, and offers a channel for the particpants to bliss out in a vibration of amazing sound, to shift energy, grow, recieve messages and or activations to further their own journey in the path of light.

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Cacao ceremonies date back thousands of years through the Mayan and Aztec cultures across south and central America. They are traditionally held to connect to spirit, healing, wellbeing and for euphoric experiences.

The participants prepare through sound meditation, following with intention setting, and teachings on Cacao in it’s pure form and then taken in medicinal ritual. This integrated with ceremony through a group of conscious people unlock creative inspiration, inner guidance, a beautiful sense of heart opening, energy awakening and big healing. In this state, a personal experience unfolds and if feeling it; there will be opportunity to share, opening up in a safe and powerful way before settling back into a deep sound activation to resonate throughout the body.

More on Cacao

Specific varieties of organic cacao taken in its pure form, treated at low temperatures without excessive refined sugars provide a very different and incredible product. Cacao is a superfood in itself, the caffeine and theobromine are stimulants; mixed in with polyphenols, antioxidants, magnesium, calcium, iron, zinc, copper, potassium, and manganese.

This aids in health benefits including balancing mood swings, cardiovascular health, fatigue reduction, glowing skin, improving digestion, cognitive function. Anti-inflammatory properties and it’s an aphrodisiac. Cacao aids in release of serotonin, anandamide and phenylethylamine which provide all that blissful goodness.

Cacao vs coco or refined chocolates.

Many have it as chocolate with small amounts of cacao farmed in low nutrient areas roasted at high temperatures, often with more refined sugar and other additives. Although it tastes great, it doesn’t make it very healthy.


For ceremony we have a high dosage, which is fine occasionally. if you have a heart condition or are taking antidepressants advise Brad to modify the serving

What to bring:

Please bring your conscious self

A water bottle

Warm comfy clothes, yoga mats, blankets, and a pillow for your comfort