Medicine Rattle Workshop

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Medicine Rattle Making Workshop / Ceremony

Mt Eliza, Victoria, Australia + Other locations

Creating your own Ceremonial Rattle is a truly in-depth experience that can travel with you as a sacred object that beats through your entire life. It's such a simple and beautiful meditation to play a ceremonial rattle and making it yourself add to the experince so much.

Practically, there are options to make rattles to different archetypal shapes from either goat, kangaroo or fellow dear hide (depending on availablity), which has a light energy hide with high resonance.

I acknowledge the traditional creators of this style of rattle and the indigenous people of this land. I have been through big journey in being able to create with animal hide / medicine and others working with these energies will assist witha beautiful and sacred journey.

The price is all inclusive at $100.

There is only a limmited capacity for each workshop so please contact me with your intention to join in so I can confirm your place with a deposit.

Duration: 4 hrs with a follow up of 1hr the following day