Crystal Chakra Sound Meditations

Crystal Chakra Sound Meditations

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Langwarrin (Mornington Peninsula / Frankston)

Monthly on a Friday from 7:00 to 8:30pm

21 June Base (Muladhara)

19 July Sacral (Swadhisthana)

16 August Solar Plexus (Manipura)

13 September Heart (Anahata)

11 October Throat (Vishuddha)

8 November Third Eye (Ajna)

6 December Crown (Sahasrara)

$30 exchange

Monthly crystal chakra teachings, intuitive movement and meditation.

Each session is focused on a chakra to help activate and expand energies through a journey of self realisation and healing.

These sessions are alchemically tailored to open our chakras, align and clear any energy blockages so we can function at our highest potential. Enabling us to be increasingly guided to a state of connection with our inner core, the energy of the divine and the crystalline roots of the earth.

We will commence our sessions with an esoteric teaching on the particular chakra and a corresponding crystal which we will provide as part of a chakra crystal set* to help clear and align the energy centres. And of course you’re welcome to bring your own crystals If you feel drawn to.

Following this we integrate the teaching into the physical by creating a space for you to embody the chakra energy through intuitive movement allowing you to freely flow, following your body's natural movement to the sound of grounding ceremonial drum.

A sound meditation / activation will then anchor the vibration of the base chakra into your entire energetic system, allowing complete stillness and immersion with the healing vibrations of our crystal singing bowls, beautiful harmonics of native american flutes.

Jess Ponzio is a Crystal Faery

Brad Marmion is a Sacred Geometrist


We have cushions which your welcome to use, or you can bring your own and a blanket for the lying meditation phase.

Bookings are essential as there is a limit of 18 people. Payment online or at the door if available